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SafeAll’s Roll King is an adjustable rollover stick professional tow operators can use to overturn passenger vehicles which have come to rest on their roofs.


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SafeAll’s Roll King is an adjustable rollover stick professional tow operators can use to overturn passenger vehicles which have come to rest on their roofs.

Made from double-walled steel tubing with 112,000 psi, this telescoping stiff leg is a safer and more effective alternative versus unstable wooden posts or PVC tubes. Unlike the 4×4 post or PVC, the Roll King won’t lose its placement due to three securement anchor points. (2) chain hooks for your recovery chains and a handy eyelet for the winch line hook. Once connected, if the winch line goes slack the secured recovery chains will hold the Roll King in place – allowing a single operator to complete the maneuver without having to climb back on the casualty to re-rig.

With a removable safety pin, the Roll King can be set to two different recovery lengths to accommodate different size vehicles – 36″ and 42″. This adjustability allows you to create the proper angle you need to roll the casualty back over onto all four wheels.

The bottom end of the Roll King has a claw foot design which wedges against the pinch weld on the vehicle’s frame or rocker panel and effectively holds the tool in place.

With the Roll King serving as a pivot point, this pyramidal configuration provides the optimal leverage for the winch line to deliver downward pressure and lifts the farside of the casualty over.

Simply pulling without the downward force, only slides or pivots the vehicle rather than lifting and rolling it over. Without the Roll King, in most cases, the vehicle will continue to slide on its roof until it catches on a curb, crack or other surface imperfections. By getting it to roll quickly, the Roll King also prevents further damage to the customer’s vehicle.

One-person operation
The (3) anchor points allow the Roll King to remain in place on its own so one operator can complete the job. Standing up on top of the casualty physically holding the rigging in place is a thing of the past!

Safer for tow operators
Because of the Roll Kings attachment points, there is no opportunity for the tool to become a projectile as seen with a 4×4 post or PVC tube. It also limits the need to climb up and down the casualty to rig multiple times, mitigating the opportunity for a twisted ankle or knee.

Simpler to store
Unlike a piece of wood or plastic, the Roll King collapses to just 29″, making it convenient to store on a tow truck in a storage compartment, toolbox or behind a seat. It is powder-coated SafeAll Orange providing a quality finish and easy identification.

  • Collapsible and adjustable stiff leg for rollover recoveries
  • 29″ steel tube with pair of welded grab hooks and fixed eye
  • Extends to 3 lengths with removable safety pin
  • Claw foot grips pinch welds better than wood 4x4s or PVC pipe
  • Hooks prevent chain slips and improve safety
  • Allows for one-person operation with remote control
  • Mitigates further damage to customer vehicle
  • Stores easily in toolbox or behind the seat
  • Powder-coated orange for a quality finish and easy identification
  • Benefits:
  • Adjustable tube ensures compatibility with all types and sizes of passenger vehicles. 36 & 42″ adjustments.
  • One-person operation eliminates need for second person to be dispatched to scene
  • Claw foot allows for safer maneuvering as leg will not shift, even with slack in winch line
  • Grab hooks prevent chains from slipping, unlike unstable wood 4x4s or PVC pipe
  • Stores easily in toolbox, storage bay or behind seat on light-duty wrecker or car carrier
  • Powder-coated orange color allows for easy identification in low-light situations



Roll King Only, Roll King with Chains


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